Weathersbee | Blacksburg Family Photographer | Shawsville | Elliston

The Weathersbee family!!!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with the Weathersbee family at their property in Elliston for their session. It was a gorgeous evening!

Tiffany and Mark have two awesome kiddos: Avery and Charlie. These are the types of kids that let you know they are FUN right away! We had a blast!

Tiffany describes her family as fun, supportive, and loving. I mean… what a perfect set of adjectives!!

As a family the Weathersbees enjoy fishing, family movie nights, baking cookies, and making smores over a bonfire.

Tiffany and Mark chose to have their session at the river behind their home because it is their happy place. Tiffany shared, “since it is in our backyard, it’s an easy escape from the daily grind. We go there to relax, unwind, and enjoy the sound of the rushing water.”

I asked Tiffany to describe her kids to to me. She shared that “Avery is smart, funny, incredibly thoughtful, and is the world’s best big sister. She looks out for Charlie in every situation.”

For Charlie, Tiffany shared, “Charlie is super silly and usually the life of the party. He also has a heart twice as big as his body.”

I hope you can tell by the photos how much fun I had with this bunch!

More photos!!