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Introducing baby Zander and baby Caroline!

Katie and Adam recently welcomed two precious little babies into their family! They had twins!

Zander is the big brother and was born on August 25th at 9:41. He weighed 5 pounds and three ounces. What a cutie pie!

Caroline is the little sister and arrived one minute after her brother at 9:42. She weighed 3 pounds and six ounces. She is precious!!

Katie’s pregnancy came with some challenges. In the last trimester she ended up in the hospital for a week with severe preeclampsia. She was dealing with increasingly unmanageable and severe headaches and blood pressure. It was decided that the twins needed to make their arrival a little earlier than planned. She delivered them at 32 weeks and 5 days.

Both Zander and Caroline needed to stay in the NICU for a while. Zander’s stay was 28 days and Caroline was there for 45 days. Katie shared that thanks to the amazing healthcare professionals they both came home healthy!

When Katie first saw her babies she described it as “euphoric.” She shared, “I was not prepared to give birth so soon and it was overwhelming experience. When I heard them cry it was like time stood still and nothing else in the world mattered.” She is such a sweet momma.

Since bringing the babies home it has been a busy lifestyle! Katie shared, “It’s been a whirlwind getting used to both babies being home. It definitely comes with a lot of challenges. So far a lot of sleepless nights and becoming masters at multitasking.” They looked like pros to me!

Adam is the sweetest daddy too. You can tell how much he adores his little family and he’s settling right into the role of daddy!

Katie shared with me that Zander loves his bottle and pacifier. She said, “He’s not very good at keeping it in his mouth yet and when it’ falls out he’s very adamant about someone helping him put my back in!” He is so sweet and I loved sharing a little time with him!

Caroline is absolutely adorable. Katie shared that she loves to smile! “She smiles and I can see she has some small dimples on her cheeks. She does not like to sleep and wants to be held all the time. She makes sleep for us very difficult but her smile then warms little hearts.” Ahhh!!! And she is precious!!!

This is one adorable family!

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