Weddings are Fun!!! – Why I Love Photographing Weddings

Weddings are Fun!!! – Why I Love Photographing Weddings

I do lots of different types of photography these days. I like all of them for many different reasons.

Maternity and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are awesome because I get to be a part of such an exciting and life-changing moment. Newborn sessions also usually allow me a chance to hold a little baby too! That’s a perk! Oh those little feet!

Family sessions are always fun! I especially like getting them to relax and be themselves. That is the type of family photo I enjoy capturing!

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High School Senior sessions are always one of my favorites too. I especially love it when it is a senior that I have known as a student and I get to hear all about the exciting plans they have for their future! I will write a later blog post all about that!

Engagement sessions are fun too! It is always great to have a chance to get to know a couple before the wedding. It is one way I get to know them and sometimes even become good friends! How many jobs let you do that??

Bridals are a special time. Having a quiet moment to practice hair and makeup and give the dress its first trial run is smart. I love getting to see a bride as she feels what it is going to be like on her big day and how special she is! Wow!

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But weddings… weddings are FUN!

I know some of you might be thinking, “how can weddings be fun? What about all of that STRESS??!!!” Well, yes, there is some stress involved. We want to be sure it all goes off without a hitch and that everyone gets along and has a great time. It is nice to be able to be a part of facilitating all of that too. I enjoy being able to be helpful to a couple as they charter through the pre wedding time. The ceremony is a special moment too. Sometimes there are laughs, sometimes tears (and yes, I have been known to tear up at a sweet story), but always LOVE. I do catch myself feeling grateful that I have a career that is really based on LOVE.

But FUN?? Well that comes in during the reception! After the first dance and the meal has been served, the party gets going and the music gets wild. That is my favorite time! I enjoy being out on the dance floor photographing the celebration. I probably know all of the words to every popular wedding song by the end of the season and sing right along. I typically have an awesome second shooter along with me and we have as much fun as the guests!

So yes, FUN. I LOVE photographing weddings!

Now, I have posted many shots of the beautiful weddings I have photographed (you can see those galleries here: Weddings on the Blog) but rarely have you seen the “behind the scenes” fun! Here are some of those! Don’t judge me too much, I am a silly person and I have accepted that ;).

Another cake cutting silly photo. Ha!
Prepping the guests for the exit!! We have to get them pumped up!!
That is my second shooter, the talented (and daring) Belen Mercer! She is awesome!
One of my awesome wedding couples of 2017! Taylor and Chandler were the best! We snapped a photo before the night was through 🙂
Testing lights at the cake before the cutting :)… Why not be goofy? FUN!!!
Testing lights before the reception starts with a bridesmaid… airplane dancing is the best!
Every wedding you have to test lights.. why do boring photos when you can be silly!??!!!
Ha! Yes! That is me dancing away!! What fun that wedding was! That guest was AWESOME!!
Another silly cake cutting shot! We do have to make sure the light is right, after all. (Or maybe it is just an excuse to be silly!)