How to Prepare for a Photography Session

How to Prepare for a Photography Session

So you have finally set the date and you’re getting ready for your photography session! That’s awesome!

Here are some quick tips to help you as you plan what you want to bring and what types of photos you’d like to come away with.

First, what is the purpose of your session? Are you hoping for a Christmas card image? A “Save the Date”? Wall prints? Think about what you want to come from your images and communicate that with your photographer. We always love to be sure you walk away with exactly what you wanted! If you were hoping for a family photo with the kids giggling, let’s make that happen! If you wanted a formal, everyone smiling photo, let’s make that happen too!

Choosing your location is important and your photographer can help you with that. Different seasons lend themselves to different types of backgrounds. In the winter I always tend to photograph in more urban settings. Fall is wonderful in the mountains. Spring is great in a garden! So many options. Be sure to ask your photographer for ideas/suggestions. I will be writing a post soon with my favorite locations too!

Kaitlyn & Mike | A Snow Day Engagement Session

What should you wear? This is probably the most common question I get from clients. No matter what you decide, be sure that you all coordinate with colors. I don’t ever recommend everyone where the same exact color, but instead are in the same color family. For example if you stayed with cool colors you could choose colors like blues, greens, and purples. Mix up solids and patterns too. Compliment each other but don’t stay “match-ey match-ey”! Here is a link to outfit ideas on my Skyryder Photography’s Pinterest Page! There are lots of visual examples collected on that board!

Ultimately communication is the key to a great session. Are you worried about anything? Have an idea you’d like to bounce off someone? Don’t know how something will look?
TALK TO YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER!!! We love to be there and offer help! We have done this a bunch of times and it is what we love so don’t hesitate to ask! It will make your session exactly what you’re envisioning!