Why I Love Pinterest and Why You Should Too

Skyryder Photography's Pinterest Home Page

Why I Love Pinterest and Why You Should Too

Skyryder Photography's Pinterest Home Page
Skyryder Photography’s Pinterest Home Page

There are many things I love about the creation of Pinterest. I can still remember the day I was meeting with a client (the very talented Edith Anne Duncan of Duncan Designs.. check her Instagram HERE and she told me about this new tool. At first I was skeptical but I have since become a super fan! I have a personal account and one for Skyryder Photography because I love it so much!

My personal account is where I organize meal ideas, organizational ideas, diet ideas, and much more. Right now I am super into bullet journaling and there are so many cool ideas about that! I plan to share a post about bullet journaling soon!

On the business front, Skyryder Photography’s page is a wonderful way to share my work and direct clients to tips about clothing and locations. It has been a great way to organize and direct traffic to one spot.

Photos like this are the type of love to share on Pinterest!

Now, why is it helpful to you as a photography client or someone interested in photography? IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS!!!! (Did I say “Ideas?!!!”) Even if you are just thinking about doing a session and don’t have one scheduled you can come up with outfit ideas as well as locations you might want for your own session.

CJ’s mom saw an idea to photograph his Jersey and class ring so she brought it along to the session for me to photograph!

There are many poses you can find that you’d like to try out. This is helpful if you are the photographer or the person being photographed! Your photographer won’t want to exactly copy any one photo (that takes the fun out of being creative!) but you can share ideas that you like. This gives your photographer something to work with. In many cases we are just meeting you for the first time and this is a way for us to see the type of person you are and the types of photos you’d like!

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Ashley shared ideas with me before her session that helped her choose this awesome dress!

Now go check out Pinterest and start creating your own boards!! You won’t regret it! Here’s a link to the Skyryder Photography page to get you started! Skyryder Photography’s Pinterest Page