Baby Andersch | Blacksburg Newborn Photographer

Adrienn and Laszlo are expecting! I am so fortunate to get to share with you their maternity sessions! Being a Blacksburg maternity and newborn photographer is the best!!!

I had such a great time getting to know these two during their maternity session at the Virginia Tech Duckpond recently. The trees were so beautiful as spring has finally sprung in the Blacksburg area! I am so ready for it!

Adrienn describes their family as “loving, passionate, and fun.” They are the sweetest pair and are so ready to be parents!

Laszlo and Adrienn are expecting a boy, Daniel!! They are so excited to finally see his little face when he arrives. They told me that he has been hiding it in all of their ultrasound sessions!

Adrienn and Laszlo are really looking forward to sharing new experiences with their little boy when he arrives. They plan to take beach trips and travel to family gatherings together.

I just know that Adrienn is going to be an awesome momma. She is a caring and loving person who is super passionate about her family and friends. Laszlo, according to Adrienn, is “filled with energy and always working on something. He is excited to build things with Daniel!”

Adrienn’s little guy, Daniel is already so loved. She describes him as an “active and happy little peanut in my belly!” How adorable! I cannot wait to meet him too!

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