Baby Eagan | Blacksburg Maternity Photographer

Kelly and Chris are expecting their first baby!

Excitement is an understatement! These two are so ready to meet their little one!

I asked Kelly to describe their family in three words. This proved harder than they realized! She came up with these: “Curious – As engineers, we both love learning and understanding how things work, which is hopefully a trait we’ll pass on to our son! Hard-working – We both put a lot of effort and care into everything we do. Fun-loving – Work keeps us busy, but we love having fun when we can, whether it’s building Legos together at home or traveling to a new place.” I think she did an awesome job, don’t you??!!

While Kelly and Chris are keeping the final decisions about a name private, they are happy to tell the world they are expecting…. a boy!!!


One of the things they are most excited about with the anticipated arrival of their little boy, is discovering what his personality will be like. They are also looking forward to seeing who he will end up looking like. Of course they are excited to watch him grow and learn about the world around him. They are also huge Disney fans so the family trip to Disney World is already being planned for his first birthday!

One wonderful thing that little boy Eagan has to look forward to is family! This little guy will have two cousins that are not only nearby, but they are also his age! They are going to grow up with best friends from the start!

Looking forward…

The Eagan family enjoys spending time together. Kelly and Chris love to go to Disney World the most. They are a member of Disney Vacation Club since 2017 and plan to make many more family memories at Disney in the future. They also love to watch and attend college football games. The couple have season tickets to JMU football and try to make at least one VT game each season. They told me that they are still planning to go to the JMU games and just bring their little guy along for the fun!

In addition to sports, the Eagans are “car enthusiasts.” They collect cars! Chris and Kelly currently have a collection of seven vehicles! Kelly told me they, “range from two antique Fords to an all-electric Tesla with a few sporty cars in between.” They already have a “tiny Tesla Power Wheels car” for their baby boy!

Kelly describes herself as a “planner by nature, so dealing with all of the unknowns of pregnancy, labor, and preparing for our son’s arrival has been difficult.” She said she has been learning how to be “zen” about everything! From the time we spent together, I’d say she’s rocking that!

Kelly described Chris as “a fan of car racing and has even driven a Formula 4 car at Virginia International Raceway. He is excited to watch Formula 1 races with our son!” How sweet is that? Can you tell these two are ready to meet their little man?

Okay! I can’t wait to share more photos with you all!

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