Kaycee | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

I cannot believe Kaycee is already a senior!!

“Spontaneous, adventurous, and eager” are the words Kaycee uses to describe herself. She should have added “happy” because this young woman exudes happiness! It was contagious!

Kaycee is a busy Blacksburg High School senior, focusing on her studies and big plans to go to New River Community College. She plans to major in Marine Biology. What an awesome goal! It is no surprise then that Kaycee’s favorite subject in school is science!

When Kaycee is not in school she loves to go hiking, be with her family, go on scenic drives, and do anything in water!

Kaycee’s favorite shows are Grey’s Anatomy and suspenseful or crime-related shows like Criminal Minds. She also loves painting and anything crafty or creative. She has two dogs she adores as well as her pet pig, Melvin!

Kaycee was born in Georgia and she hopes that one day she will get to move back there. Perhaps after she becomes a marine biologist! Too cool!

Okay! Enough words! How about more photos!!! I just love photographing high school seniors!

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