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Baby Riley is here!

I was so excited when I heard from Katie and Bri! I had so much fun when I got to know them and photography their sweet little boy, Cayden a couple of years ago. Now they have a little girl to making their family even bigger! Welcome sweet Riley!

Katie describes her family as “loud, fun-loving, and sweet.” Isn’t that just perfect?

Riley Elizabeth was born on February 8th at 1:14pm. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces and was 19 inches long. Perfection!

Katie and Bri didn’t know sweet Riley’s gender until she came. They were still struggling with boy names but had a girl’s name picked out already. It was as if they subconsciously knew Riley was a girl!

They were overjoyed when they saw Riley for the first time. Katie told me, ” I was just in disbelief that we had a little girl – that we had a boy and a girl was so amazing to me!”

Since bringing Riley home, Katie describes her life as “beautiful chaos!” Riley is a great sleeper and is eating well. Cayden loves being a big brother to his “baby Riley.” Katie when on to say that “momma and mommy are figuring out how to be the best they can be for these two!”

Riley is a laid back little lady but don’t be fooled! She also has a fierce personality and a unique little scream when she’s not happy! According to Katie, “there is no doubt when she is wanting something but those moments are few and far between.”

It was so great seeing this sweet family again. Even the family dog, Moseley, was up for some photos! I adore this bunch!

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