Kaya | Blacksburg High School Senior Portrait Photographer

The latest Blacksburg High School senior I had the great fortune of photographing is Kaya!

Kaya describes herself as “motivated, loyal, and nerdy” but she is so much more than that. She has always been a favorite former student of mine that I love getting to see around town!

I met up with Kaya at the Hahn Horticulture Gardens at Virginia Tech. It is finally spring s the colors have begun popping!

After we finished up at Hahn we went over to the VT Duck Pond for more photos. It was great getting to talk and catch up with Kaya as we walked around!

High School Life

Kaya is involved in a lot of extra curricular activities. She volunteers every Sunday at the Animal Care and Adoption Center in Christiansburg. She is Captain of the Forensics Team at Blacksburg High School. Kaya is also a member of the History and Art National Honor Societies. In addition to being so involved in her community and school, Kaya has two part time jobs. She works at the Christ Episcopal Daycare and at the Margaret Beeks Cub Connections.

When at school Kaya loves to study art the most. She would tell you it is still more fun to create art on her own time than during class. She also loved AP Environmental Science. Kaya told me, “learning a science that so directly correlates to our daily lives and futures is incredibly interesting.”

Outside of School

Outside of school Kaya has a lot of interests as well. She enjoys reading, playing her ukulele, having late night video gaming sessions, and trying new restaurants.

Kaya told met hat her favorite TV shows are Friends and Bob’s Burgers. Her favorite band right now is Panic at the Disco.

The future

The decision about where she’s heading to after BHS is still in the works. She is currently down to North Carolina State, The University of Michigan, and Virginia Commonwealth University. While she hasn’t made a decision about which school yet, she does know that she’d like to double major in environmental sciences and graphic design. No matter what, this young lady is going places!

I am so excited to share these photos with you all!

More photos!!