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Baby Daniel is here!!!

What a surprise this little guy was! He decided to surprise his mom and dad by coming at 35 weeks! Despite being 5 weeks early, Daniel was strong and healthy. He didn’t need to spend any time at all in the NICU!

Daniel Laszlo Horvath was born on April 7th at 2:17am at the Roanoke Memorial Hospital. He weighed 4 pounds, 7 ounces and was 18 inches long. Pure adorableness!

Their baby…

Adrienn and Laszlo are so proud of their little guy. Adrienn described the feelings she had after childbirth as being intense! She said, “the feelings we experienced after childbirth were the most intense, including great surges of joy and happiness, exhaustion, and a sense of achievement and pride – after all, we have just brought a new tiny human into the world!” Indeed!

“Loving, passionate, and fun” are the words Adrienn uses to describe her family. She told me that they are “excited to spend time together as a family, get to know each other, giggle, laugh, cuddle and enjoy this new journey.”

Little Daniel….

Daniel is a very calm and patient baby, according to Adrienn, only crying when he needs something. He loves staying warm and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air during his daily stroller rides. Adrienn said, “We are so much in love with this little Peanut! He changed our lives in a very exciting way. We try to embrace every day and enjoy the little moments together as a family.” Isn’t that the sweetest!

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