Emily + Jeremy | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer

Emily + Jeremy | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer

I am so excited to be working with these two!

I first met Emily and Jeremy at the Blacksburg Country Club for their wedding consult. We met over dinner and got to know each other! (Have I ever told you that I have the coolest job ever??) Emily and Jeremy are getting married in June 2019 and they are so excited! These two are huge Hokie fans so we first met at Lane Stadium for their session. Of course they had to document their wedding day with awesome VT jerseys!!!

After Lane Stadium we headed over the beautiful Hahn Horticulture Gardens for more traditional photos.

Emily and Jeremy’s session was so much fun. I enjoyed getting to learn how goofy they are! Jeremy definitely has a silly side and he just loves to tease Emily! They are too cute!!!

Their story:

I asked Jeremy and Emily to tell me the story of how they met. Since they are such great story tellers and hilarious to boot, I am going to simply quote their responses so I don’t mess up any of the humor! Ha!

  • Jeremy : “I messaged Emily one day because she is a hottie. She didn’t get back to me until after I started dating someone else, but we decided to be friends. Well, that relationship did not last long, so I started talking to Emily again, and we hit it off.”
  • Emily : Back in spring-ish of 2015 Jeremy messaged me online, however I did not see the message and reply until weeks later, but by that time he had begun dating someone. He had recently graduated pharmacy school, and I was in school for pharmaceutical research at the time, so we decided to “keep in touch as friends” since we had so much in common career wise. Several months later, in July 2015, he reached back out to me a few weeks after the previously mentioned relationship didn’t work out, and we haven’t stopped talking since. We had to do the long-distance thing (Grundy/Haysi, VA to Roanoke, VA) for quite awhile. He was working as a fill in pharmacist back home while his pharmacy in Blacksburg was being built, a dream he had as an undergrad at Virginia Tech. So many hours-long skype dates, road trips, and countless texts/phone calls later, the pharmacy was complete and he was finally able to move to Blacksburg! I eventually made the move myself in August 2016, and now we honestly can not imagine our lives anywhere else…”

Isn’t that the sweetest?? They are so cute!!!

The moment they became engaged:

Jeremy asked Emily to marry her at the Grove Park Inn. He told me that he had a spot picked out in front of the staircase leading into the lobby. Jeremy went on to tell me, “I spent all day trying to get Emily to cut through there so I could propose and she kept telling me no because it was chilly outside. Eventually the evening was winding down after the piano bar and I had to basically beg her to walk outside with me. I finally got to propose overlooking the grounds in front of the hotel and we went inside to have a celebratory drink. I had a glass of Johnny Walker Blue, and she had a shot of fireball… I know.”

Emily tells the story similarly, “we took a trip to the Grove Park Inn at the end of January this year. The layout is basically a big horseshoe with a gorgeous courtyard in the middle. We arrived Thursday night, so we had all day Friday to relax and enjoy ourselves. Jeremy tried several times that day to get me to cut through the courtyard, (again – it was January and COLD!!) so, of course, I kept insisting we just walk around inside instead. Much later that evening, after dinner and a show at the piano bar, I suppose I’d had enough drinks to no longer care about the temperature outside, and finally agreed to cut through the courtyard. Of course, I am so glad I did because as we we got to the landing on the beautiful stone staircase, he proposed – under a clear sky full of stars with no one but us outside to enjoy the special moment together. It was beautiful and absolutely perfect.” What a perfect story to have for the rest of their lives!!!

Their life together:

Emily and Jeremy love to spend time together going to Hokie football games, golfing, enjoying Blacksburg restaurants, going on road trips to see family and friends, and “just being lazy on the couch with our three dogs.”

Now that they are engaged they have many things to be excited about! Jeremy, in perfect sync with his humor, told me that he is “psyched that I will finally get health insurance soon. It will also be fun to watch our relatives together, dancing and having a great time at the wedding.” Emily is excited to finally start their lives together. She also told me that she is excited to “have our families meet each other which they have not been able to do yet since everyone lives so far. We both have such big, lively personalities on both sides, and we just can’t wait to see them all come together at the wedding/reception!

My favorite question:

My most favorite question that I ask a couple is to tell me the most awesome thing about the other. To be honest, I was most looking forward to Emily and Jeremy’s responses. These two are so much fun!

Jeremy’s response was not silly at all! In fact he took this question to heart and explained why he loves Emily so beautifully. It’s obvious why she would love him so much right back! Jeremy said, “Emily is strong. I never thought I would meet a person who was sure of themselves more than me. She has a deep level of confidence and assertiveness that doesn’t let my big personality and arrogance steam roll her. It gives me an infuriating amount of respect for her and makes her the only person in the world I listen to.”

In perfect Emily fashion, she responded in an articulate and loving way about all of the reasons she adores Jeremy! Emily said, “as cliche as it sounds, Jeremy is the best person I know. His incredibly steadfast morals, dedication to his family and friends, and his genuine nature to do absolutely anything in his power to help those he cares about are what make me love him the most. Of course he has a big stubborn personality that drives me crazy sometimes, but he is the perfect balance to my “aggressive helpfulness. ha!”

I loved this session and I adore this couple!!! Okay! Enough from me! I need to show you more photographs!!

More photos!!!

Emily + Jeremy | Blacksburg Engagement Photographer