Jolee | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

Jolee | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer

I had such a great time getting to meet Jolee!!!

Jolee is a senior at Blacksburg High School. She has changed schools a few times in her high school career so she is just getting used to the BHS scene. She shared with me that she does like it and did know many people from sports in the New River Valley area so she was quick to make friends!

I enjoyed walking around the Virginia Tech Duck Pond with Jolee. The weather was nice and the trees were still green and lush. It made for some awesome photo taking weather! Jolee was so sweet and friendly. I really enjoyed getting to know her!

Jolee describes herself as “independent, caring, and adventurous.” I could see those traits in her personality as we walked around during her session. I got the impression she is a super fun person to know!

At Blacksburg High School, Jolee is involved in many activities. Volleyball is her passion, however, and she loves the sport. As a matter of fact, that is how she knows many other seniors even though this was her first year as a Bruin! Jolee also plays volleyball for the RVJ club.

When Jolee isn’t at school or playing volleyball, she likes to hang out and relax. She told me her favorite show is the The Office.

I had a great time getting to know Jolee! She is such a beautiful young lady with an awesome personality! I know you will be able to see that in these photos!


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Jolee | Blacksburg High School Senior Photographer