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Milo is adorable!!!

Chris and Kelly welcomed their adorable little Milo into their family on May 3rd at 10:09 am. He weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces and was 21 inches long.

I first met Kelly and Chris at their maternity session back in April. You can see that session here: We had a great time! When I wrote that blog post Kelly described her family as “curious, hard-working, and fun-loving.” Now that Milo is here she told me they are still those things but also, “complete!”

Kelly shared her experience with labor. She told me, “Labor started with my water breaking around 1AM. We headed to the hospital where I progressed very quickly, and everyone thought we’d have a baby within an hour. I didn’t even have time for an epidural before I had to start pushing. After an hour of pushing, it was clear that Milo wasn’t coming out as quickly as they thought. I finally got an epidural and was able to rest. I pushed for another two and half hours before learning that he was stuck on a bone and would either have to be delivered with the assistance of a vacuum or by c-section. The vacuum worked, and we had a healthy baby boy 1.5 contractions later!”

The first time Chris and Kelly saw Milo they were so relieved that he had arrived and was okay. They were overjoyed at finally getting to meet their son after so many months of waiting.

Now that Milo is at home they are still adjusting to the new routine of things. Kelly told me, “As first-time parents, we’re constantly wondering if we’re doing things right and giving him what he needs. It’s also been amazing to see how much he has already changed since we brought him home. We spend a lot of time just staring at him marveling at how tiny, cute, and perfect he is.”

While they are still getting to know their little boy, they are already getting hints of his budding personality. Kelly said, “Milo seems to be a pretty laid-back baby so far. He only cries if he’s hungry or uncomfortable. He still spends most of his time sleeping, but as he spends more time awake, we’re reading him books, listening to music, and talking to him about all sorts of things. I hope he continues to be a good sleeper as he gets older! Waking up is quite a process for him involving several minutes of stretching, yawning, and all sorts of sounds. He also smiles and even laughs as he falls asleep, which is adorable and makes all of the hard stuff worth it!”

Okay! Enough words! How about more photos??!!!

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